On China

China has protective tariffs, manipulates its currency, pirates software and other proprietary technologies, keeps costs low by polluting their own air and water, selling sub-standard, poisonous products, and has a labor system somewhere in the general neighborhood of feudalism, and disregards international law routinely.

For example:  Stupidity is always punished

Historians will have a hard time explaining western attitudes to China during the early 21st century.

Industrial espionage is rampant. infringements of intellectual property rights are so widespread that they barely merit a comment. When sometime actually tries to seek redress in a Chinese court, they are guaranteed to fail, as Sir James Dyson recently discovered.

From today’s Telegraph…..

Sir James Dyson says he has spent £3.5m fighting Chinese companies who stole his designs last year and even hired private detectives to spy on illegal Asian workshops where his bladeless fans are taken apart and copied.

The British inventor accused Chinese authorities of turning a blind eye to native companies which violate intellectual property rights by imitating successful designs. Sir James said he had spent £3.5m pursuing often futile legal cases in Chinese court.


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