Oregon population growth 2010 – 2011 very slow

The PSU Population Research Center has released estimates that show the state’s population increased by 0.5% between 7-1-2010 and 7-1-2011.  The actual number is estimated at 19,515 persons.

There were only two counties that grew 1% or higher: Hood River and Washington.  Washington County is where Intel’s operations are located.

Why is growth slow?  The state’s age distribution means that natural increase is slow, and the housing crash and national economic crisis affected the state significantly.  State economic policy that leans toward luring large out of state companies to locate new facilities here is ineffective since business investment nationally has been slow.  Operations that do locate here tend to exit quickly when the relevant industry experiences a cyclical downturn.

A tax system that relies on income tax and property tax is probably a deterrent to retirees and small to medium business relocations.


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