Technology insights from John Dvorak

John C. Dvorak

On web apps like one finds at Apple’s App Store:

“Apps are the future of desktop computing… Apps are essentially the jazzy I/O of a CD-ROM delivered over the internet without the often ridiculous browser limitations in the middle.”

” it should be noted that there are enclosed world-wide game systems that operate without the limitations of any browser. As everyone knows the game developers are always leading the way technologically.”

“frightening for Google is the possibility that a sea change from Web site-centric Internet computing to apps utilizing the Internet could eventually decimate the profitability of its search engine. ”

On imaging tech:

“New technology can over-analyze an image and take a blurry, unfocused, or possibly jittery image and deblur it to such an extreme that the audience being shown the demo, actually gasped in astonishment (disbelief begins around 1:15).”

On privacy:

“The site Please Rob Me, which has since closed, raised awareness about over-sharing by re-posting location-based tweets from people’s check-ins alongside a map giving directions to their home. Nobody was there; you may as well rob them.”

“In a recent Senate hearing, U.S. Senator Al Franken (D – Minn.) revealed that the latest laws governing computer use by American citizens incorporated a troubling proviso. The clause makes it a federal crime to check personal e-mail on a corporate computer if the corporate policy bans personal use on the machine. “


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