Wasted resources

“I perceive the economy as simply being the sum total of our collective efforts to reduce waste given the resources we have available, to Do More while Using Less.  We’re doing pretty good on Using Less with the layoffs, robotization, efficient logistics routed by computers. I actually don’t object to that stuff, and do argue that it is not a problem itself.

What we need to step up our game on is Doing More. Every single person lacking employment, but who wants to contribute for both their and society’s gain is a waste. It should be the cheapest waste to eliminate, humans have no problem coming up with problems that need solving. When is the last time you’ve met a person who couldn’t find something to complain about, am I right?

I see the this malfunction being due to a distribution problem.  I see the distribution problem persisting, because even though we have very wealthy people with a healthy sense of romanticism and lack of fear to undertake an investment venture… they are playing defense against each other.

They know their contemporaries can swoop in to parasitically suck up their effort, or steal their work through patents or through insider contracts. They know that a domestic investment can be undercut by doing it in a country that appears cheaper due to unsupportable distortionary controls. They know that if they don’t minimize their taxes alegally to the fullest extent, they are forced to race against a competitor with a lighter load.”



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