US military drives foreign policy…maybe

Fabius Maximus said:

“Slowly over the past five years evidence has accumulated that our military leaders have grown so powerful that they can — and increasing do — challenge the nation’s civilian leaders for control of foreign policy (rather than jointly set it, as they have since WWII).  Some experts warn about this.  Some experts whine.  All to no avail.  Long wars and big military forces shift  political power from civilians to the military.  It’s slow but inexorable, the price paid for the choices we made.  Hoping to avoid paying that price is just another form of dreaming.

The West experienced such shifts during WWI and WWII.  Fortunately these wars were brief — and started from relatively low levels  of military strength (other than Germany).  So our State institutions were singed but not burned.  But it’s been 9 years since 9-11, and we started from a very high level of military political power.  COIN theory will not help us.  The Tea Party will support the generals. ”

Sort of like a military coup…


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