Time for another Russian revolution?

As dictators fall in North Africa, attention should be paid to another country under the thumb of an autocratic figure who exploits his country’s resources and people for his own benefit and that of his cronies.

A review of Top Ten Reasons to Rethink Investments in Russia and
Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Russia give a grim picture of the situation in Russia today.

The source linked above also provides this disturbing item:

“Russian President’s chief economic advisor Arkady Dvorkovich acknowledged in a BBC interview that his country is having a perception issue. He also suggested that 1,000 years of corruption is a hard habit to kick but the authorities are looking into violations of the rule of law. Acceptance is the first step to change and Russia is in need of much change. In the latest Transparency International  survey, Russia declined in ranking again this year to 154 out of 178 countries.”

It may be difficult for the populace to motivate themselves to rid the country of Putin’s oligarchy given that Russian Productivity Lags as Alcohol Consumption Soars.


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