Oregon population growth continues to slow

The Portland State University Population Research Center released its annual population estimates yesterday, which reveal significant slowing in the state’s population growth.

The state’s population grew 0.5%, or roughly 21,000 persons, between 2009 and 2010; the slowest rate in many years.  Notably, net migration for the state was only 6,400 persons.  During boom years, net migration into Oregon was much higher.

Here’s the data for the state and the top five counties in terms of percentage growth:

                                     2010              2009               Change     Pct
Oregon                      3,844,195    3,823,465     20,730    0.5%

WASHINGTON      532,620        527,140         5,480       1.0%
DESCHUTES           172,050        170,705        1,345        0.8%
MARION                 320,640        318,170         2,470       0.8%
MULTNOMAH     730,140         724,680        5,460        0.8%
YAMHILL             95,925             95,250           675            0.7%

This isn’t a good sign for recovery in the state’s housing market or retail sector.  The small number of migrants reflects the state’s weak job market.


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  1. […] low ratio may be caused by a higher proportion of unemployment in the working age population, a higher proportion of retirees, and by a larger share of the population that chooses not to work, among other reasons.  […]

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