Hubbert predicted exponential growth of nuclear power generation

Hubbert of “Peak Oil” fame in his famous paper advocated nuclear power as a long term replacement for oil and coal. In fact, the actual title of the paper is “Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels“.   In this paper he predicted exponential growth in nuclear power production.  The 1956 paper is as much an advocacy for nuclear power as it is an analysis of  oil production projections.

This begs the question “If Hubbert was a prophet of doom regarding oil; why not a prophet of energy salvation regarding nuclear power?”

Put another way, Hubbert is lionized for a prediction that turned out to be correct so far regarding oil; while his prediction that was wrong concerning nuclear power is conveniently ignored.

It seems that a lot of the discussion out there regarding how visionary Hubbert was regarding oil intentionally ignores Hubbert’s thinking regarding nuclear power.

Here is a chart of global nuclear power generation capacity:

The stagnation of capacity has been largely due to safety concerns and the relatively lower cost of other energy sources.


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