Demographic profile of South Korea

According to the Population Research Bureau‘s 2010 World Population Datasheet, South Korea has a population of 48.9 million.  The country’s total fertility rate is currently at 1.2, which is well below replacement level, and the PRB is projecting that South Korea’s population will shrink to about 42 million persons by 2050.  The country had introduced family planning policies in the 1960’s and 1970’s which clearly were very effective.  Recently, the government has begun pro-natalist programs intended to bring the fertility rate to replacement levels.  A key success has been that the gender ratio at birth, skewed toward boys for some time, is now at a normal balance.

The country’s population density is 487 persons per square kilometer, at least ten times the global average, and ethnically the population is extremely homogenous as 99% of residents are of Korean ethnicity(CIA World Factbook and Country Studies).


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