Eliminating oil imports should be America’s top energy priority

Imports of oil contribute significantly the the US trade deficit problem as shown in this chart from Calculated Risk:

Countries that historically made major changes in their energy policies to reduce dependence on foreign oil include France and Japan.  Both of these countries have made extensive use of nuclear power a key national energy strategy.   The US is currently has the largest number of operating nuclear power plants in the world now.    It has a unique human resource in that the US Navy has operated a large number of nuclear powered vessels for decades.  The resource represented by individuals trained by the Navy should be utilized as part of a major increase in nuclear power production in the US.

The following charts from the US Energy Information Administration essentially represent the history of civilian nuclear power production in the US.  It is interesting that the total growth of electricity generation has been linear.

Restructuring significant fractions of oil-consuming sectors in the US economy to run on electric power would enable the elimination of the trade deficit attributable to oil imports.  Converting a major portion of the US vehicle fleet to electric motors from internal combustion engines would work.



  1. Eliminating oil imports should be America?s top energy priority…

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  2. I agree with you that nuclear power would help. But don’t forget natural gas. It can be used directly in vehicles. For example see http://www.rickety.us/2009/11/driving-on-the-cheap/ where with a federal subsidy fuel was less than a dollar a gallon. Since then, the subsidy has been discontinued and the price is $1.52. Still much cheaper than gasoline and a local resource that is very clean burning.

    • Scott said

      I agree that natural gas should also be a key to US energy policy. In many areas, owners of NG vehicles would be able to fill their tanks at home given installation of a connection from the natural gas conduit already in place in their homes.

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