Compact nuclear power systems

The World Nuclear Association says:

  • There is revival of interest in small and simpler units for generating electricity from nuclear power, and for process heat.
  • This interest in small nuclear power reactors is driven both by a desire to reduce capital costs and to provide power away from large grid systems.
  • The technologies involved are very diverse.”

They have a list of small and medium reactors where development is well advanced:

Name Capacity Type Developer
KLT-40S 35 MWe PWR OKBM, Russia
VK-300 300 MWe PWR Atomenergoproekt, Russia
CAREM 27 MWe PWR CNEA & INVAP, Argentina
NHR-200 200 MWt PWR INET, China
IRIS 100-335 MWe PWR Westinghouse-led, international
mPower 125 MWe PWR Babcock & Wilcox, USA
SMART 330 MWt PWR KAERI, South Korea
NuScale 45 MWe PWR NuScale Power, USA
MRX 30-100 MWe PWR JAERI, Japan
HTR-PM 2×250 MWt HTR INET & Huaneng, China
PBMR 200 MWt HTR Eskom, South Africa
GT-MHR 285 MWe HTR General Atomics (USA), Minatom (Russia)
SVBR-100 100 MWe LMR Rosatom/En+, Russia
FUJI 100 MWe MSR ITHMSO, Japan-Russia-USA

It looks like the US isn’t exactly leading the charge.

Apparently a reactor with no moving parts is possible.


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