Asian countries rapidly building nuclear power capacity

and potentially limiting their dependence on oil.

Sick of coal, China boosts its nuclear goals by 50 percent | VentureBeat

“China is scaling up its nuclear power plans in a big way. Its goal is to build 70 gigawatts worth of nuclear capacity by 2020 — 50 percent higher than its 2020 target was five years ago. It looks like uranium, still unpopular in the U.S. is finding big fans in Asia. Achieving this goal will cost the country as much as $59 billion for 28 more reactors — 20 of which are already in the process of being built. As of this year, China is home for one-third of the world’s nuclear power construction

As it stands, the country is building more than twice as much new power as its closest competitor, Russia. In addition to delivering the power generated to its own people, China hopes to export it to its neighbors, including India, South Korea, and Russia — each of which are building more reactors than any other three countries outside of China.”


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