Amnesty for illegal migrants now

Multiple US industries are reliant on workers who happen to be in the US illegally.  Amnesty would be beneficial to both employers and workers who have entered this country illegally seeking work.

“Amnesty for illegal immigrants is defined as a governmental pardon for violating policies related to immigration. Immigration amnesty would include the federal government forgiving individuals for using false documentation such as social security numbers, identification cards, and driver’s licenses, in order to gain employment in the U.S. and continue to remain in the country. Amnesty would allow illegal immigrants or undocumented aliens to gain permanent residency in the United States.” (1)

People that want to become permanent residents of the US are the kind of people we should want to immigrate to our country.


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  1. elzumbido said

    I understand the sentiment expressed overall although it is bit confusing, but if the view is that reform ought to begin with the “amnesty” aspect, at this point doing that seems to be a horribly losing proposition… Thank you for your time…

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