Demographic outlook for Florida: negative

Sunshine State slowdown: Florida faces hard choices as residents flee slump — South Florida

“for the first time since World War II, Florida’s population will actually shrink — by about 60,000 residents, state demographers estimate…”Florida’s population is shrinking — a disturbing trend for a state that has built its economy, and structured its state budget, on the assumption that throngs of new residents will move to its sunny shores each year””

and an  anecdote related here:

“When I lived in Florida everyone under thirty had either decamped, was in the process of leaving or had a two year plan to “get out”. It was depressing. Young people flee because life there sucks. The older senile generations of TV addicts and drive-thru pill heads have built lushly landscaped lockdown towns and concentration camp golf clubs.

All the entry level jobs are filled with old people. No way to work through college and only a retail, construction or real estate job out of college. The old people live in active fear of the young and organize the local governments such that anything that would appeal to a person under 30 gets banned or severely restricted.”

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