Japanese public pension fund = bagholder

Ken Worsley reports that:

“In fiscal 2006 and 2007, Japan’s public pension system managed to log losses. In FY2007, the fund earned money on government bonds, but lost a whopping 7.5 trillion in in equities positions. The total FY2007 loss, 5.65 trillion yen, was the largest on record. Until fiscal 2008.

Yesterday it was announced that the public pension fund lost 10.17 trillion yen in FY2008. This was the third straight year in which the fund has lost money. According to the a report from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, The fund experienced a 0.9% increase in revenue due to premium rises, while pension payouts increased by 2.7%.

Thus, the fund itself saw a rise in payouts that outstripped the increase in premiums, while losing 10.17 trillion yen at the same time.”


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