Domestic security problem

Pot ‘Plantations’ on the Rise :

“Marijuana growers, many believed to be affiliated with Mexican drug cartels, are aggressively expanding their illegal farming operations in the U.S., clearing land to plant pot in dozens of national forests from coast to coast.

Illicit cannabis farms on public land first sprang up in California more than a decade ago and remain a serious problem in that state. But in the past two years, the U.S. Forest Service has documented a rapid expansion of the practice.

Authorities have discovered pot farms in 61 national forests across 16 states this year, up from 49 forests in 10 states last year. New territories include public land in Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alabama and Virginia…

The pot farms are not fly-by-night operations. Growers cut down trees and terrace canyons to create plantations big enough for tens of thousands of plants. They apply pesticides and herbicides — some not approved for U.S. use. They dam or divert streams and hook together miles of PVC piping to build irrigation systems, some rigged to sophisticated timers.”

It would appear that foreign controlled paramilitary organizations are operating with relative impunity within US borders.

Given the amount of demand this scale of operations implies, the logical solution to the marijuana question would seem to be legalization with controls similar to alcohol and tobacco…

EDIT:  CNN’s site has additional information



  1. Ken said

    Its the fault of every pot smoker that continues to remain part of the silent majority. Your complacency puts every person in jail and person that dies on your hands. Write politicians and let them know unless they legalize marijuana they will not get your VOTE. Legalize it. STOP THE INSANITY.

  2. jess said

    Prohibition did not work then and still does not work, We continue to make the same mistakes. end the war on Americans, End Prohibition. Legalize Control and Tax it, I support the government taking control of the crop by controlled use and taxation. take the money out of the criminals and terrorists and use the money to help our economy and education.

  3. Shadysider said

    Agree with previous posters.

  4. vette66 said

    Good employment for out of work folks. Why take small unemployments check when you can work for the government for much more. Are they hiring for MJ removal?

  5. John said

    Make it legal and these issues go away!
    Waste of time/money/resource.
    I don’t care about ‘pot heads’ I do care about drugs that destroy lives
    Go after meth dealers – crack dealers – heroin dealers – coke dealers
    Just plain stupid

  6. Kerri said

    Before they make the MJ legal they have to get rid of the criminals and then take it over. It’s not right that people can’t even go hike in a park that they help pay for, because some criminals are standing there with weapons. When are we going to have a government that is going to stop kissing the backside of the greedy criminals?

  7. Canadian David said

    Kerri I don’t think you understand. Legalization will get rid of the criminal if I can grow a plant in my own backyard peacefully.

    Will someone please tell the old white paranoid emperor that he is wearing no clothes so we can get on with our lives legally.

    Prohibition puts money in the hands of ‘the bad people’ daily.
    Put the money into education and healthcare.

    Another happy Canadian Cannabis user.

    • Stevelb1 said

      Canadian David. I agree with you. I would grow in my backyard peachfully and privately. My own business. That’s really the reason its illegal. Big Alcohol and Pharma companies can’t have free competition. There’s no money in it for corporations. Its a scam.

  8. Stevelb1 said

    Just legalize it already. We keep it legal and make thugs, criminals and dirt bags rich. Legalize it, regulate it and tax it. This is insane already. There is no reason people should be dying and going to prison over Pot. There’s enough evidence and history now to know that it is not even as bad as alcohol. Put the resources into going after Meth, Coke and heroin dealers. That’s the problem out there. Not marijuana.

  9. Bill said

    Bring in the military and blow them all up. Legalization is a really bad idea. I know many people that have used pot for long periods of time and they are the laziest bums I’ve ever seen. Most don’t work, or when they do, they can’t maintain a position for long.
    Pot is every bit as bad as coke or alcohol.

    • Stevelb1 said

      I know plenty of pot smokers who are CEO’s and are successful business people and they probably all make more money than you. You knew a couple lazy potheads? So what, I know a few drunks to beat their families or others who have died from drunk drivers. The hypocrisy needs to end!!!

      Funny how you never hear about big auto accidents because the person was smoking weed. You never hear about anyone dying from Pot related illnesses like cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease and lung cancer. Government needs to stop legislating personal control. We can’t nurf the entire world for safety.

    • Mike said

      If Pot is every bit as bad as coke or alcohol.

      Then are you suggesting that we should return to prohibition? If legal pot is a “really bad idea” then why is the continued legality of Alcohol OK?

      We all know that organized crime decreased during alcohol prohibition…..right?

      If we think that cannabis prohibition is the right thing to do then why don’t we do that with other substances?

      Based on that argument I think that underage drinking should mean JAIL (and if you’re 18-20 you get time and permanent criminal record) – Prison time now that is a deterrent. This will work right? This would get the real criminals off the streets.

      Maybe that will work for youth smokers as well – maybe a little jailtime will make kids think twice about lighting up that cigarette.

  10. Beast said

    Americans love drugs…They Love Drugs…Pills for this pot for that…Let’s change the dynamic and put all of those Colombian, Mexican, Thailandian, Peruvian, Bolivian, Pakistanian, and Afghanistanian drug runners out of business forever…Let’s get rid of the million prison guards who abuse prisoners of drug related crimes and turn them into something else, like teachers and professors…Lets save our economy for our Country by taxing it, growing it and what not to optimize the potential…Surely we have enough drug experts in this country to save our economy…Remember that you can’t control what other people do only yourself…For those that are out of control and lost they are lost anyway and will abuse drugs no matter what…Regulating recreational drugs will reduce the violence on the borders…Those users of hard narcotics will eventually die off…

  11. Joe Fattal said

    The only reason marijuana is illegal, not because it is hazardeous to your health, but because marijuana dealers want it sold to individuals which in turn will sell it for a larger profit, without the government intervention. If the marijuana dealers make a deal with the government so each can make a profit like cigarettes, it would be legal to sell like roll-up tobacco.

  12. Ben Holt said

    The solution is simple. Why not put the “bad guys” out of business? If the U.S. government legalized marijuana and sold it themselves, they would essentially be putting the “gad guys” out of business and ending the expensive, ineffective and bloody war on drugs.

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