Rate on 30 year US Treasury bonds creeping up

Across the Curve calls the results of today’s auction a “debacle“:

“This auction was and is an unmitigated disaster. The tail (tail is the number of basis points between the auction average and the levels which prevailed in cash  market trading prior to the auction) was 9 basis points.  The average yield was 4.288 percent.  I am told it is trading at a profit at 4.27 percent.  This is the government bond equivalent of the GECC deal which came at a large concession yesterday.   It is so cheap to the restof the curve that anyone who bought it is busy selling anything that is not tied down against it.”

The official report from the Treasury is here.  And from Yahoo Finance here is the recent trend(30 year up about half a percentage point):

US Treasury Bonds Rates
Maturity Yield Yesterday Last Week Last Month
3 Month 0.16 0.15 0.10 0.17
6 Month 0.29 0.29 0.26 0.37
2 Year 0.95 0.92 0.85 0.91
3 Year 1.47 1.42 1.36 1.30
5 Year 2.13 2.05 2.01 1.85
10 Year 3.28 3.15 3.12 2.90
30 Year 4.25 4.09 4.03 3.71

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