More on hypermileage

A company called Bright Automotive is introducing a vehicle targeted at corporate fleets called the IDEA.   According to their site, it’s a “100-mpg plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) fleet vehicle”.  It has a funky shape that is aerodynamically efficient, and the site says that “The IDEA will save a 250-vehicle fleet company more than $500,000 per year”.  It works by “battery power for the first 30 miles, using little or no gasoline and less than $1 of electricity. After this, it functions like other hybrids. As an example of fuel efficiency, for customers with a 50-mile daily urban route, the IDEA uses about half a gallon of gasoline, which is like getting 100 mpg. For drivers with a 70-mile daily route, one gallon is used, similar to 70 mpg.”

The route distances seem right for delivery vehicles in urban areas; a FedEx truck with a route including a large office complex would probably fit this description perfectly.  It seems that a re-fragmentation of the motor vehicle industry may be in the works, with manufacturers focused on specific market applications.


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